Is it Better to File These Cases as a Class Action or as Individual Cases?

We believe it is better to file these cases as individual cases for several reasons. First, getting a class certified adds another level of complexity to the case that the defendants are allowed to challenge. Second, every individual plaintiff’s situation varies as far as damages depending on how much they paid in bond, how long they stayed in jail, their family situation, their employment situation, etc…. Third, usually it is only the attorneys that profit from class action litigation. Do you really want to end up with just a 50 cent off coupon at the end of the day while the attorneys collect attorney fees?

Can I Hire a Civil Lawyer If I Already Have a Lawyer Representing Me on the Criminal Charges Arising out of the Twin Peaks Incident?

Yes, absolutely, although we will want to work closely with your criminal attorney to coordinate any strategy.

If I Plead Guilty to Any Charge Arising out of the Twin Peaks Incident Can I Still Have a Civil Action for the Violation of My Civil Rights?

Pleading guilty to any charge arising out of the Twin Peaks incident would likely make it very difficult to pursue a civil rights action. Nevertheless, you will have to carefully discuss with your criminal defense attorney the strength and weakness of any criminal charges brought against you to determine if it is in your best interest to enter any type of plea agreement.

Do I Need to Act Quickly to Discuss My Case with a Civil Rights Attorney?

Civil rights actions have various statute of limitations that require filing the action within a certain period of time. It is best to speak to a civil attorney as quickly as possible to determine the strength of any civil rights case.

What Attorney Should I Hire?

There is not a simple answer to this question.

First you should hire an experienced attorney or team of attorneys. As noted on the home page, Clint Broden has been one of the most active criminal defense attorneys related to the Twin Peaks incident. He was the first lawyers to obtain the surveillance video from both Twin Peaks and Don Carlos and the only lawyer to have the Justice of the Peace disqualified from hearing his client’s case. He has been named a Texas Super Lawyer in criminal defense every year since 2004. D Magazine also named him a “best white collar attorney” in the field of criminal defense for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 and he was named among the Top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers.

Meanwhile, Don Tittle is one of the most experienced civil rights attorneys in Texas and he has a long history of holding police officers, police departments and municipalities responsible for civil rights violations. Don has achieved several million dollar verdicts in civil rights cases. Since 2010, Don has had five cases among Texas Lawyer’s annual list of Top Texas Verdicts & Settlements and, like Clint, Don has been named Top 100 trial lawyers by National Trial Lawyers. In short, we believe this is the team best suited to take a strong and aggressive approach to your case.

Second, you should hire a lawyer or team of lawyers you are comfortable with. That is why we are happy to provide free consultations so the we can discuss your case and so that you are comfortable that we are the right team for you.

How much will a civil rights lawyer charge to pursue any claim I might have?

Under the civil rights statutes, a lawyer is entitled to attorney fees if they prevail in litigating civil rights claims. In any event, for these type of claims a lawyer works on a “contingent basis,” meaning they are paid a percentage of any recovery and you do not owe the lawyer any money unless your lawsuit is successful.